All Is Well With My Soul

I look back on my Facebook timeline and see no sparkle in my eyes (unless I was with the kids). 2010-2013 was just a blur for me. There’s such sadness and pain in my photos. My eyes say it all. I look at my eyes now and they light up a room. I have the right friends in my life, the right people, the right mindset and the right love. I’ve come such a long way from the person I was years ago. My happiness is visible. My eyes are sparkling. If you’re in a place where your eyes aren’t sparkling and your heart is broken, put yourself first. I mean it! Do what it takes to heal your soul. I moved across the country. I took risks. I believed in myself with the greatest family and friends cheering me on. I cleaned my “friend” house and removed people who were stealing my joy. I forgave, even when I didn’t want to. I pampered myself. I read books that inspired me. I made new friends who accepted me. I became a better mother by doing these things. I became a better friend, sister and daughter. Most of all, I gave myself permission to love with abandon. I’ve fallen in love with a man who was a best friend first. I look back at those old photos and am proud of myself. I did it! I picked myself up, dusted myself off and am genuinely happy. All is well with my soul.


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