I Stopped Looking 

This has to be a joke. 

I wrote all about how to stop looking and that online dating wasn’t the answer. I’d started going to Meet Ups and was getting out of the house. Life was easy and I didn’t have to worry about creepy dates or lying men. It was fantastic. Then, BOOM. He came out of the blue. I wasn’t even expecting this to happen. I’m still stunned, honestly, to even say or type the words “I have a boyfriend”. 

A girlfriend of mine just returned home after retiring from the US Army. She moved close to me and close to her family, so recently she called me and said “Come meet us out! We are country dancing.” Well, OK! I love to country dance and there are always cute country boys when we go country dancing. She texted me the location along with telling me her little brother would be there, too. I hadn’t seen her brother in 25 years, mainly because he was 7 when I graduated with his sister.

I got there and hugged her since I hadn’t seen her in forever and her brother was there. Let’s just say he’s most certainly not 7 anymore, is very handsome and two stepped with me all night. We had no intention of falling for each other that night. It was the strangest set of sparks I’d ever had. He’s almost ten years younger than me. He’s got facial hair (usually not my thing). He dips (not a preference but I can get past that). He’s tall, handsome and kind. He spun me around that dance floor and I wasn’t just dizzy from dancing. It was the first time he’d danced in years because his ex didn’t dance. He hadn’t forgotten, that’s for sure.

We went out again to make sure it wasn’t the beer. It wasn’t. We spent the weekend with all of our friends at a festival and it was fantastic. I don’t introduce anyone to my kids but this was unavoidable. It went well. We are trying to keep the kids out of this for now, but man he makes me smile. He’s a gentleman in every sense of the word.

He wants to move faster. I don’t. I want to take my time and make sure this is it, and that it’s right.

The funniest part about this weekend is that I was the host for a singles meet up at the festival. I’d agreed to that weeks ago so I did it… But with my boyfriend in tow.

Dating is weird. When you least expect it someone comes along that makes you smile. I’m living proof.

– THAT Crazy Girl


8 thoughts on “I Stopped Looking 

  1. Wow this is amazing to hear! 😀 congratulations on the wonderful sparks! 🙂
    I agree with you though, enjoy it, but also take it slow, get to know each other and so on. I will keep my fingers crossed, my toes crossed, hell, everything crossed, that it goes well! xo

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