Just Say No…

I’ve had some interesting things happen this week… I went to my second Meet Up and had a lot of fun, again! I’d highly recommend finding a group of people you click with to hang out with (as long as they’re not lame) over online dating. I’ll tell you more about “Secret Agent” later. 

I let my kids get a KITTEN! This is a big deal because I’m highly allergic to cats and I’m not a fan of anything feline related. I used to have cats years ago and had a horrible experience with them both, thus I think I blocked out even liking photos of cats after that. I loved Scooter and Buddy so much! My ex rescued them both and I fell in love with them. Scooter was a beautiful, long haired boy with a half-squished face and tufts of fur between his toes. Buddy was a Siamese mix and such a loving cat. Buddy got out the day we were moving 800 miles away and we stayed an extra day scouring the neighborhood for him. We had to leave him behind which was heartbreaking. We notified the local shelter and left our information so that in the event he was found I could fly back and get him. Scooter cried for over a week at the loss of his kitty BFF. We never saw Buddy again. Several years later, our son was born, and within months it was determined that he had horrible allergies. Children that young aren’t diagnosed with asthma so we did breathing treatments and everything we possibly could to help alleviate his symptoms. One of the decisions we had to make was removing all allergens from the home. Scooter, sadly, was one of the biggest problems for our son. We found him a “great” home with a fellow police officer. We gave his wife everything we had for him including his favorite blanket, with explicit instructions to call us (the guys worked together) if anything happened and they couldn’t keep him. Six weeks later my ex inquired about Scooter and was told he was dead. He’d developed a mysterious “cancer” and they’d put him to sleep. I couldn’t believe it. We’d had Scooter for five years and he was healthy and happy. They killed our cat and didn’t even call us! I was furious and heartbroken. The only thing that saved that couple’s lives is the fact that punching a police officer is a felony. I don’t look good in prison orange. 

This baby kitten, Stella, is nestled in my neck asleep. My eyes are not yet swollen shut, but I’ll be investing in Zyrtec and Nasacort Sam’s Club style. 

And so it begins…

-THAT Crazy Girl



2 thoughts on “Just Say No…

  1. Sorry about your prvious cats! 😦 I have had my cat for about 17 years… I’ll probably be devastated when he dies. Better not think of that right now, I am preparing to leave for my trip! I hope you do ok with your new kitten (beuatiful by the way!!) and that your allergy doesn’t become too out of hand. Hugs. 🙂

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