There’s A Better Way

All jacked up… That’s a Southern saying if you’ve never heard that before. It’s what my dating life has been for weeks and weeks and frankly, I’m exhausted. 

Dating blows. 

During the course of reading another person’s blog I came across this really cool app and decided to check it out.

I’m a very outgoing person by nature. I have a presence when I enter a room. It’s not for show, it’s just my personality. I’m not a wallflower. I like to be in the middle of all of the fun. Meeting new people makes me happy to my core.

I joined a few groups of singles close by and was immediately welcomed by my new friend Tim to Frisco Singles. They had a happy hour with sushi planned the next day so I RSVP’d and was very excited about the prospect of meeting other singles, both men and women in a safe environment.

I got ready, excited to walk into a room full of like minded singles without any pressure, able to just be my loud, silly self. They did NOT disappoint! I was greeted immediately by both the men and women. They warmly welcomed me to join them (probably 15 people) and I made fast friends with Tim. He’s already “promoted” me to an Event Organizer because we had so much fun!

I made friends with a great lady, Laurie and another guy friend Scott. Laurie and I went to watch Scott’s hockey team beat their opponents and the three of us had a beer afterward. We exchanged numbers. What a fun, relaxing, carefree night.

Tim reiterated last night that we tend to find love when we least expect it. The men in attendance were all attractive. I think I’ve found a great group of new friends, and to me that’s better than 15 dates with Tinder losers.

I’m off to plan some fun events with my new friends!

-THAT Crazy Girl 


6 thoughts on “There’s A Better Way

  1. Oh, I am so glad you had this wonderful event! 🙂
    Dating can really take its toll on you and be exhausting for sure… sometimes you need a break and just focus on other things. I hope you will hav fun with your new friends. Hugs!!

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  2. I’ve signed up for meet ups but haven’t made it out to the singles ones yet, mostly because they are far from where I’m at and usually during the week. So glad you found a new place to play!!😄

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