Don’t Be A Dick

Just had my first experience with someone being a hypercritical asshole on here. He felt the need to criticize how a wrote a certain sentence. Sometimes I wonder what people who treat others this way gain from this? If I correct the sentence does that make him feel all better? Does he “win” because he pointed that out? The funny thing is, I typed it in haste and he’s correct but there was no need to point it out and be an asshole about it.

I’m going to leave the sentence the way it is so that it bugs the hell out of people like him.

Grammar Asshole just wrote about fungi. Fascinating stuff. I feel sorry for people like him who can’t see the truth or pain in someone’s words and feels the need to point out an error made by another person who enjoys writing and is learning to blog.
Go Fuck Yourself, Grammar Asshole. With a dictionary. 

-THAT Crazy Girl 


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