Feeling It Out

Last night’s date with “The Nerd” turned out to be the best date I’ve had in a long time. He wasn’t a nerd at all… As a matter of fact, this man was gorgeous and very much my type. He’s one whose photographs don’t do him justice and when he walked in we were both pretty happy. He was affectionate, he was hysterically witty, and made eye contact with me. 

He was in exceptional shape which intimidated the hell out of me because I’m not. 

After coffee we just walked around the square in the town I grew up in many times. I was sad the shops were closed because I had so many things I wanted to show him.

I let him drive my brand new sports car to his own car. We took several blocks before he pulled over close to his car.

He put both hands on either side of my face and kissed me tenderly, and twice.

We’ve agreed that we will both be busy over the weekend but I’m sure we will text (we did today). We agreed that we will see each other again next week. 

Keep your fingers crossed, because there’s something about this man that is a keeper. I will also refer to him as “The Gentle Marine” instead of “The Nerd” because that’s what he is.

Let’s just see….

-THAT Crazy Girl 


16 thoughts on “Feeling It Out

    • Weird, I can still only see your comments and mine here on your page. (If it was on this particular blog post that the person made that comment that you mentioned).
      I am sorry that people are doing that, it just feels like: What’s the point of that? Who has time to proofread other peoples’ posts? I’ve barely got time to proofread my own. Lol. 🙂
      I live in a country in Northern Europe, so my language is not English, but I get by here in Blogland anyway. I think I would be a bit sad i people were bashing me for not knowing English, without even knowing where I am from etc.
      I am sorry this person made such a comment! I find your posts very interesting, entertaining and easy to read. 🙂

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