This week has been, by far, the most stressful week I’ve experienced in a very long time. My deadlines are looming at work and the hours I’ve put in are astronomical. I’ve fallen into bed every night, exhausted and have woken up in a panic every morning. This aligns with dating, how, you might ask? Well, for one thing, any attention whores that I was talking to have been told to fuck off. These are the men who require an immediate response and get mad when they don’t get one. I was talking to a few on OKC and it made me so mad that I deleted my account completely. Ain’t nobody got time for needy.

My priorities are:

1. My kids

2. My job

3. My friends and family

4. Books

5. Netflix

6. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

7. Folding Laundry

8. Scrubbing Toilets

9. Eating

10. Answering texts or messages on online dating sites

I think I’ve decided that being single is OK and that Cupid can go straight to online dating hell.

-THAT Crazy Girl


7 thoughts on “Deleted.

  1. Omg! I’m getting there! I’ve actually been thinking about quitting dating for a bit, not because it’s been awful lately (I think I’m in a good place as of now) but because it’s just taking up too much of my precious time. I’ll probably wrote about it later. Glad you are doing what’s right for you. 💙💙💙

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