Damn, Daniel

If you’ve been living under a rock or aren’t a parent to a teenager (especially girls) let me introduce you to the “Damn, Daniel” sensation

Damn, Daniel
For the past 24 hours all I’ve heard from my daughter is how gorgeous Daniel Lara is and we’ve all been saying “Damn, Daniel!” for a day.

I love things that just make me laugh like a well timed dirty joke or a hilarious video. The fact that my daughter has fallen in love with both the subject of the video (I’d say he was dreamy if I were 12) and the unknown, hilarious voice in the background of his friend makes this video pure joy for me. 

I’ve watched it no less than 25 times and every time I laugh.

So, to all of you, you are my “Daniels”….


-THAT Crazy Girl 


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