Cheer Dad


I didn’t intend for my blog to make me sound like a hussy, but let’s be clear.. I am a consenting adult, I have been divorced over five years. I have been single a little over three of those five years so let’s just hope my kids never get ahold of my blog, mmmmkkkkk?

In any event, I’d like to talk about cheer dad. 

Cheer dad was just that. His daughter was in cheerleading with my daughter. He’s not a bad looking guy, really! He lives in my town. He saw me at a football game, sent me a friend request on Facebook and it was all downhill from there.

He’s concerned with small town politics.. I’m not. I grew up around here and know everyone. All these soccer and cheer mom cliques that moved into town after I left? I don’t give a damn about what they think. I grew up with the old money. The town’s originals. Driving to a game with my kids and walking in, I know half the town. So what? It’s 1400 people in 2016. It’s not that big of a deal!

Cheer dad was “concerned” (I’m feeling so sweet today) about what the other parents might “think” if we were together so we had a brief fling, I took him seriously when he said he didn’t want a girlfriend or relationship and blew him off the past four months.

Today cheer dad sent me a text to go to dinner. I told cheer dad I was “seeing” someone which is NOT a lie. I am… Just a few months from now when he gets this psycho ex bullshit wrapped up. I was met with this response:


Damn, Daniel! (<—- Hip mom. Look it up!) 

He’s right. He would make a good boyfriend. I would’ve taken him on as a prospect. He was surprisingly “adept” if you know what I mean? Bragged to my friends, “adept”.

He was also on every single dating site I was on and we’d message each other and laugh.

I seem to have a moral to my stories lately. The moral of this story is SPEAK UP. Tell her. 

I don’t do hints.

-THAT Crazy Girl 


8 thoughts on “Cheer Dad

  1. I dunno, I read that text differently. How was he “trying” for something special, exactly? It seems that if he was trying, you would have noticed! You’re better off, girly, than with someone who only make hindsight excuses.

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  2. I call BS! (On him!) I am with Just a Gurrl… he was not trying, or you would have seen/felt/noticed that he was really trying… I do not like this sort of man… glad you dodged this one… there probably would just have been a lot of games/insecurities with him.. hugs!! 😊💜

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