OK, Cupid. No seriously, OK!

What have I done? I’ve deleted Sneaky Flame App and joined OKC. I’ve been intrigued by my new friend  Sam’sexperiences there from her blog so considering online dating now a “research experience” I feel I should document what’s happening for the greater good of other women (and men) dipping their toes in the waters. 

I can feel the bile rising already, with my coffee and Cherry Pop Tart (don’t judge me. I have needs) this morning. I’m pretty sure if Plenty of Fish and Tinder went on an online date, had gratuitous sex, got preggers and spit out an illegitimate kid, OKC is their ugly little baby.

Within minutes, having one photo and an empty profile I started getting stuff like this from guys born AFTER I graduated from high school. If there’s any possibility that I could’ve pushed you out of my vagina, it’s a no for me (you said that in your head in Simon Cowell’s voice…admit it!)

So here are the first few:

No, Jax, Age 29, you won’t get laid calling me “mature”. 

At least “Latchking” was complimentary. I’m so polite.

Scottish-Ginger up there is 24. He’s in a Batman costume. Everyone knows that gingers eat your souls. Nope.

This one below made me have to Google a word for the first time in 10 years. I am a word freak!

I’m hoping that this isn’t an indicator of things to come. Should I be flattered with the 20 year olds? Is it like being called “thick” in Detroit and not knowing it was a compliment??? 

The only thing I can say is OK, Cupid. Let’s get this show on the road!

– THAT Crazy Girl


13 thoughts on “OK, Cupid. No seriously, OK!

  1. Ha,ha! Welcome to the jungle!!! I’m excited to have a fellow OkC soldier on board! 😄 Props on the 20 somethings! From the ones I’ve talked to, they don’t discriminate. One 23 year old said he’s hooked up with a 48 year old. This 19 year old girl told me she’s dated a 42 year old. Apparently age is just a number, lol!

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