Online Dating Apps.. Bye, Felisha

Friday is my all time favorite movie. I saw it in the movie theater in 1995 before any of these whippersnappers even knew who Felisha was. It is spelled FELISHA. Not Felicia. It’s a line from the movie, and little does anyone know that Felisha was actually one of the producers of the movie. An executive producer, Angela Means. The director, a little known director at the time, F. Gary Gray was the guy in the store (Stanley) who told Ezal (my neck, my back, my neck and my back) to get up off the floor. 

He also directed the video “Today Was A Good Day” and a blockbuster called “Straight Outta Compton”. But I digress…

When I deleted the sneaky Flame App profile and the others this weekend all I could think was “Bye, Felisha!” Good riddance. All the banal “Hi” messages are gone. The attempts at small talk. The phone numbers the guys sent but I never responded to. All the pressure is off. I’m relieved and overjoyed, actually. It was a time sucker of epic proportion.

I also blocked every number from those sites of any guy I’d texted, gone out with or spoken to in my phone. NEVER delete them because you’ll get the booty call texts and calls and seriously not know which loser it is that’s contacting you. Trust me on this one. Just block them. It makes life so much easier.

I think I realize where all the men are at. 

NOT on dating sites, that’s where. In the years I’ve been doing this on and off never once have I really met a man of substance. One that didn’t lie, or “ghost” me or have some sort of hidden agenda or baggage that he wasn’t forthcoming about.

I’ve realized now that the split second ego boost isn’t worth the headache of trying to get to know someone.

It’s not worth the constant disappointment and frustration.

What I do know in 2016 is this. I deserve better. I deserve substance. I deserve chemistry. I shouldn’t have to beat to match and paint to fit.

I better come up with some new resolutions because they’re all apparently at church or at the gym.


-THAT crazy girl  



4 thoughts on “Online Dating Apps.. Bye, Felisha

  1. Yeah I vaguely remember dating sites, never talked to anyone of substance there.. oh no, ladies, you are not getting me excited about getting back into dating again in 2016.. 😊 on topic; I hope you do find some other good place to look for the good guys! ❤

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