Star Wars *No Spoilers… I’m Not THAT Asshole

Last night I went and saw The Force Awakens and guess what? I CRIED. Not just a little, but a lot. I went with my daughter and old friends from high school (one of which sitting next to me would’ve laughed at me and told the whole theater I was being a pussy OUT LOUD had he known) Thank God for 3-D glasses and a dark theater.

I don’t cry very often. I’m THAT crazy girl.. Always having fun and laughing and playing around.

We got to the theater (6 of us) and the 3D was sold out! What do I do? AMC online of course. We got our tickets even though it was sold out! I’m creative and I was going to see that fucking movie if I had to sneak all of us in and teach two 11 and 12 year olds that it’s OK. I was desperate. 

The movie started and I got chill bumps.

Every time I saw one of the original characters I cried (except for C3-PO because he’s not the same. He looks the same but doesn’t sound the same. I never liked that golden pretentious asshole anyway). Leia? I cried. Han. I cried. Chewy. I cried. R2D2. I cried. And Luke. I cried.

The movie took me back to 1977. I saw Star Wars in the theater with my Aunt and Uncle, brother, parents and grandparents. 

I felt like I’d been transported back to my childhood. I cheered, I laughed, I cried, we Googled the date of the next one. I found out that James Bond is in it but you don’t know it. I found out that a main character is from Ned’s Declassified thanks to my daughter and couldn’t see him the same. These are not spoilers, just trivia BTW.

I told my daughter that I was 8 years old when I saw the first one in 1977. Her pre-teen response was “So?”. I was devastated because I wanted her to love it as much as I did. She didn’t. The only reason she sat through it was because her friends didn’t show at the mall.

My friend A (my spirit animal) proceeded to tell me that she wasn’t even conceived when I was watching the first one. I love her anyway. Smart ass.  

I’m not sure why the movie evoked such an emotional response from me other than the fact that I had a charmed childhood. My parents worked hard to ensure my brother and I never wanted for anything. They struggled but they never let us know that.

If Siskel and Ebert were still around (RIP Ebert) I’d be sure they’d give it two thumbs up. I give it four thumbs up. Mine and forcefully raising my daughter’s thumbs against her will. That’s what parents of pre-teen daughters who hate everything just to spite you do.

Go see it. Enjoy it. Many of you won’t have had the memory of being a child mesmerized by the first one. I wish you could feel it like I did.

May the force be with you.

-THAT Crazy Girl 


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